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A preview of our lunchtime concert on Wednesday 7th June 2017 at the Emmanuel United Reformed Church on Trumpington Street, Cambridge UK. Mifune Tsuji (violin)
and I (piano) will be performing memorable tunes from the films and beyond. Please stop by if you’re in the vicinity! It’s a free entry with a retiring collection for the church.



NES concert 10OCT15-small

Unusually, I’ll be performing a piano solo this time. Beyond the River God written by Graham Lynch for the harpsichordist Assi Karttunen, premiered last year in Finland.  As the composer states “Beyond the River God is the work that comes closest to having a dialogue with the French clavecinists of the 18th century, especially François Couperin”, it’s a very atmospheric suite, full of ethereal melodies with curious harmonies and rhythmic play.  It certainly tickles my intellectual curiosity.

The suite consists of 5 pieces:

I. Rondeau, with energy
II. Couplet 1, Pastoral
III. Rondeau 2
IV. Couplet 2
V. Rondeau 3

When I was given the written score by the composer, I smiled…  There’re no dynamic markings!  Just the general tempo and phrase markings.  It’s like I was given a beautiful drawing in which I get to colour the way I feel I’d like to.  I feel very priviledged to be given such freedom and it’s been such an experience that I’d certainly love to do again if the chance arises.

I look forward to performing this particular suite at the concert soon, for the first time on piano.

There’s a beautiful recording by Assi Karttunen on harpsichord, recently released.