I rarely share a story regarding what’s happening in my piano studio but I had a very heart-warming experience with one of my 9 years old piano beginners.  I thought I’d share this story with you here.

One of my 9 years old beginners brought his grandma (visiting from Edinburgh) to the piano lesson yesterday. Once in the piano room, he prepared the cushions on the sofa for her, and started to play ‘Pink Panther’ instead of the piece we were currently working on. So, I whispered to his grandma ‘He wants to show off!’ and he turned around and grinned at me as he continued playing.

During the whole lesson, he showed the best behaviour I’ve ever seen and managed to focus on every details we worked on and covered quite an amount of tasks: learned a new etude by rote, fixed problems spots to be able to play a duet, did aural training by rhythm dictation, transcribed a picture-notated score into a standard notation, read notations to learn a new piece partially, did a pattern analysis to find a sequence, etc.

When it was time to leave, he gently escorted his grandma out of the piano room.  Both looked content 🙂

Grandma, please come back any time!