It’s my usual practice to write something for my piano students from time to time when I see that they need a little help to get their motivation level boosted up from different angles. When that happens, I often use a form of etude (study); short but useful with various skill-building contents. Some of my early etudes for that purpose have been published as an article in the EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association)’s own magazine, Piano Professional (issue 34), April 2014. Boogie Woogie Etudes, I call it, are a set of three studies based on Boogie Woogie style (piano-based blues) to cover a wide range of skill-building exercises from the aural, visual, kinaesthetic & intellectual point of view. Across the 7 pages in this article, I covered every detail about what they’re for, how they’re introduced and how they can be explored in the area of improvisation, etc. I hope these etudes find their usefulness in many piano teachers’ studios. The magazine can be purchased via the EPTA’s web site.

piano professional