One of the pleasurable experiences being performers is to come across with opportunities to play pieces of music written by living composers from whom we can ask for direct insight about the pieces.

This slow tango piece for violin and piano was written by the British composer, Graham Lynch.  I first came across with his name when he published a series of piano books for the elementary to intermediate levels (UK grade 1 – 4 standard), titled Sound Sketches .  Having being very enchanted by his writing style, I searched for more of his music, which resulted me in discovering some works he wrote for violin and piano. My passion!  But the sheet music weren’t available from music shops, so Graham kindly gave us the copies for the performance.  Having considered the programme we were performing, we decided to go for his Alba.

According to the composer, Alba takes its title from a Medieval genre of poetry of the same name, it’s poetry about the parting of lovers at dawn, and so is about love, regret, pain, which are all very much tango emotions.

If you’re interested in reading more about this piece, please visit the composer’s blog.