It’s been two years since one of my piano duet partners, James Williams, moved to China. Although we weren’t sure whether it would be possible, we sort of said to each other back then that we’d do a reunion piano duet concert when he comes back to the UK for a short visit in two years time. He had 2 months in the UK this summer, visiting friends and families, and travelled around for a proper holiday, etc. Amongst his packed schedule including performing 2 piano solo recitals, he managed to find time for us to make this reunion piano duet concert happen! Probably the most limited amount of rehearsals we had with this concert… So, maybe not as good as we’d have liked but we enjoyed playing together again and the audience seemed to have enjoyed it too, so I think I can say it was a successful concert! After all, music is for your soul and spirit, and share with others, isn’t it? I think we managed that.

We particularly enjoy playing for this lunchtime concert series, which is open to the public free of charge.  Some people literally drop by during the lunch break from work, some tourists who just happen to be passing by, some who can’t afford to pay to go to live concerts; they are all free to come and go.  I think this concert series is a godsend for both audience and performers.  We’ll definitely continue to contribute towards spreading the music and to share it with others.

James flew back to China the following day… Our next reunion concert will be in two years time!


Robert Schumann
Symphony No.3, Allegro (no video for this one, please go to –

Johann Wilhelm Wilms (~23:50)
Sonata on B flat
1. Allegro
2. Poco adagio
3. Allegro

Florent Schmitt (24:07~)
Humoresque, Op.43
1. Marche Militaire
2. Rondeau
3. Bucolique
4. Scherzo
5. Valse Sentimentale
6. Danse Grotesque

Johannes Brahms (40:27~)
Hungarian Dances No.8 & No.15

encore (46:38~)
J. Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No.5 (no video!)
primo: James Williams
secondo: Yukie Smith

Recorded at the Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Cambridge UK
Wednesday, 8th August, 2012

Piano duo:
James Williams
Yukie Smith (

Video: Flip Video Ultra H
Audio: Zoom H4n
Piano: Kawai