I feel so blessed with chances to work with amazing artists across the world. The thing is, I’ve never met any of them physically. This goes to show how much this social network media is playing a big role in my life as a musician now. I can explore my creativity with artists of likely mind to expand the boundaries around us.

Back in April, a fabulous jazz guitarist Rob Michael and I worked on my original piano solo tune to create a guitar & piano duet (https://yukiestpiano.wordpress.com/2012/05/05/another-long-distant-collaboration-with-rob-michael/). Now, 5 amazing artists came on board who were willing to be part of this non-profit project and kindly contributed their photographs to create a music video to release on YouTube. And here’s what came out! I hope it takes you to somewhere your heart is searching for. Enjoy!

Our special thanks to:

Pete Donohue

Yuichi Kitamura (北村祐一)

Linda Palmer

Ken McMahon

Karen Shackles

for kindly contributing their amazing photographs for this project.

Click here to download the music free: http://yukiesmith.bandcamp.com/track/at-dawn