It’s been a year since we witnessed one of the biggest earthquake and tsunami disasters ever recorded, on March 11th, 2011.  Having seen ongoing work by many volunteers to help rebuild the lives of those who were affected by the disaster, I realized the importance of supporting those who contributes their time and efforts.  Living overseas, there are limited actions I can take to offer my help.  But I thought I’d like to do my bit the best way I can as a musician to contribute.  I’ve decided to release a piece of piano music and its score, which I wrote thinking about those who were affected by the disaster.

The piece is to raise funds for the Akaihane Disaster Relief Volunteer & NPO Support Fund for the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami
(赤い羽根共同募金) for their ongoing efforts to help rebuild lives.
          English site:
          Japanese site:

I acknowledge that charity effort wouldn’t work without the help of people’s kindness and generosity.  So, I’d be truly grateful if you could share this with your friends and families.  Thank you for taking time in reading and for your support.

Additional info
To extend my message to people across the world, a visual artist Linda Palmer ( kindly joined me for this project by creating a ‘music + image’ video for this piano solo piece, in search of colours.  We hope that this music art video offers a sense of comfort to whoever looking for it.