(originally posted elsewhere on 23rd December, 2011 )

For the past couple of years, it’s sort of become a habit for me to create something for Christmas as a seasonal greeting.  But this year I’ve decided to do something for a charity; raising funds for Save the Children (www.savethechildren.org.uk), helping for those who are not fortunate enough to have a Christmas like us.  As I was looking for a piece of music to record for this purpose, I picked one of the short piano pieces I wrote for my teenage/adult students.  But I felt it somehow lacked something to be able catch a Christmas spirit although it sounded Christmassy.

While my mind was wondering, I had a chance to listen to a recording of 3 Christmas carols arranged and played by a fabulous guitarist Rob Michael (www.atmosmusic.com ), whom I met via Twitter a few years years ago.  I’ve been a big fan of his mellow and lucid guitar playing which always lifts my spirit up.  His playing of these carols sort of stuck in my mind for a while.  When I was playing around with my piano tune, the sound of Rob’s guitar somehow merged into it in my head.

When I approached Rob with an idea of him playing over my piano solo tune to create a piano & guitar duet for a charity work, he willingly came onboard.  Rob’s immediate understanding and instinct for the tune made us possible to come up with something mutually satisfying.  And I think we’ve achieved to create a musical conversation that made our thousands of miles of distance to disappear.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it and I’d be grateful of your generous support by sharing this with others.  And donate if you wish.  Happy holiday, everyone!